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Reed Mats Supplier and Exporter in Pakistan | Manufacturer of Reed Mats

Supplier of Reed Mats in Pakistan

Reed Mats Supplier in Pakistan

NVJ Industries is one of the leading manufacturers & Exporters of reed mats in Pakistan. Bamboo Mats and Fence Mats are other names for Reed Mats. We are the biggest supplier of bamboo reed mats in Pakistan. We are already supplying natural reed mats to our international customers in UAE, Qatar & Egypt.

Reeds are tall plants that grow in large groups in shallow water or on wet and soft ground. They have strong, hollow stems that can be used to make mats and other items.

Extra-Thick Reed Mats

The extra-thick reed mats provide a warm appearance and create privacy on your veranda or balcony. As a temporary solution, the reed mat is very suitable due to its relatively low price. Reed mats can be used in many ways and are mainly used as covering against existing fences, wire fences, or balconies and balustrades. Reed mats are also ideal for growing climbing plants against them.

Packaging Details

Pack in shrink wrapping or portable bag, we also can do as your request.

Sizes of Roll of Bamboo Reed Fence

14 ft X 25 ft

12 ft X 25 ft

10 ft X 25 ft

8 ft X 25 ft

6 ft X 25 ft

or do as your request

Sizes of Roll of Bamboo Reed Fence NVJ Industries
Reed Mats Supplier and Exporter in Pakistan
Manufacturer of Reed Mats In Pakistan
Reed Mats Ready Stock
Reed Mats Bundles
Reed Mats Exporter in Karachi Pakistan

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NVJ INDUSTRIES is one of the most reputed company from Pakistan, serving worldwide with finest quality exports of Wheat Straw and Minerals.

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