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Raw Magnesite Supplier in Pakistan

Raw Magnesite Supplier in Pakistan

If you need Raw Magnesite Supplier in Pakistan so NVJ Industries will be right choice for you. We are Selling Raw Magnesite Lumps (Magnesium oxide). We are renowned Miner, manufacturers, exporter and traders of Raw Magnesite in Pakistan.

Uses of Magnesite

Magnesite is a mineral its chemical composition is MgCO3 and when it is heated it will separate into Magnesium oxide (MgO) and Calcium Oxide (CO2). Magnesium oxide has an extremely high melting temperature, and that makes it a good refractory material in many steelmaking, metallurgical, and ceramic processes. Magnesium oxide is one of the most ordinarily utilized materials for making the blocks used to line kilns, industrial ovens, and blast furnaces. Magnesium oxide is also used to make fertilizers, magnesium chemicals, and refined into magnesium metal.


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Grade 1:

MgO 47%min
Sio2 0.3% max
Cao 1.3% max
Fe2o3 0.01% max
LOI >50%

Grade 2:

MgO 44%min
Sio2 1.5% max
Cao 1.9% max
Fe2o3 0.59% max
LOI >48%

Our Certificates

NVJ INDUSTRIES is one of the most reputed company from Pakistan, serving worldwide with finest quality exports of Wheat Straw and Minerals.

KCCI-NVJ-Industries FBR-Certificate
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