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Dolomite Exporter in Pakistan | Dolomite Supplier in Pakistan



NVJ Industries is Dolomite Exporter in Pakistan, As a trusted Dolomite Supplier in Pakistan. We offers high quality Dolomite in lowest price to our customers. We can supply Dolomite Lumps and Dolomite Powder.

Dolomite Exporter in Pakistan

Dolomite is a typical mineral that forms rocks. CaMg(CO3)2 is the chemical formula for this calcium magnesium carbonate.

Dolomite Usage

Magnesium oxide (MgO), a component of refractory bricks, is obtained from dolomite as a supply of magnesium metal. In place of limestone, dolostone is frequently used as a flux in blast furnaces and as an aggregate for cement and bitumen mixes.

It is also used in the production of glass, bricks and ceramics.

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Our Certificates

NVJ INDUSTRIES is one of the most reputed company from Pakistan, serving worldwide with finest quality exports of Wheat Straw and Minerals.

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