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Bamboo Supplier in Pakistan – Exporter & Manufacturer of Bamboo Poles


Bamboo Supplier in Pakistan

NVJ Industries is the biggest Bamboo Supplier in Pakistan. Our bamboo pole is cultivated with proper care to get the maximum possible production. We produce high-quality bamboo and supply these export-quality solid bamboo to international customers; therefore we are the leading Bamboo exporter in Pakistan. We have a sound reputation in this field and have a Government authorized license to trade over the world.

Bamboo is available in various lengths and diameters. As the biggest Pakistani bamboo supplier, we supply & export all kinds of Export Quality SOLID BAMBOO at any destination over the world.


Bamboo Usage

In addition to being used to make ladders, bamboo has numerous other purposes, including scaffolding, building construction, animal shelters, chicken farms, food, biofuel, textiles, cloth, paper, pulp, and charcoal. The villagers construct mosquito nets around their beds in the fields using bamboo. Because of its attractiveness, bamboo furniture is often utilized in homes.


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Our Certificates

NVJ INDUSTRIES is one of the most reputed company from Pakistan, serving worldwide with finest quality exports of Wheat Straw and Minerals.

KCCI-NVJ-Industries FBR-Certificate
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